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Services You Didn't Know You Need

There are just some services you didn't realize you may need as a new or small business owner. I'm here to show you the way, and help you help yourself in the long run!


These services are strictly provided after a consult to determine your needs and properly build a plan that suits you.

Branding Style Guide

You have a name for your brand, but do you have a look?! Let me create a guide that will use your ideas to create a cohesive look for your brand.


I'll help you determine what mood, colors, and fonts match the tone you want to set for your business. These components will also be determined based on who your desired target audience is.

Design Retainer

If you have a business that has an on-going need for graphic design or web design services, having BZLF Creative Studio on a creative retainer is the best solution for you!


My creative retainer services are evaluated at a rate of $25 per hour, and contracts are written in quarterly increments, billed at 4 hours per month.

Website Maintenance Training

So I've built a website for you, what's next?! Are you ready to take the reigns and manage the look and flow of your website? If not, no worries. For a fee, I will walk you through navigating your website on the backend to add updates or make changes. 

Website Audit

Do you have concerns about how functional your website is, as well as its overall performance on different browsers and resolutions? Do you need an unbiased review of your site and how it could possibly be improved? Do you need the content of your site evaluated? Let's get started!!

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