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PLEASE NOTE: Projects with a total of $200 or less require full payment upfront. This policy is non-negotiable, and subject to change without notice.

ORDERING: once your order details are received, you will receive a PayPal link for your invoice. If you choose a different payment method, you will receive the necessary information to submit payment along with a link for your contract.

REFUNDS: The possibility of receiving a refund is limited to the terms of the contract you agree to. If you would like to see a copy of my refund policy for your intended project, please use the Contact Form or send a request to

PAYMENT PLAN: If a client chooses to utilize the payment plan option, no work will begin until at least 60% of the project total is paid. Payment plans are only offered to clients whose project total is $200 or more.

REVISIONS: once the final design for a project is approved, and the files are sent, any remaining revisions are forfeited. Should the client request additional work, a fee will be required.

PROOFREADING: The client is equally responsible for proofreading upon receiving the design proof.

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